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Custard Tarts directly from Portugal to the Netherlands.
In Amsterdam order before 12pm and get it on the same day!

Outside of Amsterdam we deliver within 2-3 business days!



About MisterNata

José Cruz, born in Portugal now living in Amsterdam with a passion for gastronomy and sharing the Portuguese heritage in The Netherlands.

With our passion for Portuguese gastronomy and the lack of quality products in Benelux, we saw the need to fill this gap. We decided to start delivering high quality products to this market directly from Portugal. 

Discover the perfect Pastel de Nata directly from the Portuguese sun! A puff pastry filled with custard made of cream, egg yolks, sugar, flour, and lemon zest.


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Available to help you with a smile. New to Natas? We can teach you all there is to know!

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Traditional quality

The creamy rich custard filling with a crunchy pastry sends you right back to your holiday in the sun-filled terrace of Lisbon.

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Hassle free and delivered on your doorstep. In Amsterdam order before 12pm, same day delivering.

Outside of Amsterdam we deliver within 2-3 business days

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Our Tasty “Pastel de Nata”

The Portuguese are known for their sweet tooth: candy, cakes, and desserts are part of any typical meal in Portugal.

Within this wide array of local products, we have the King of all Portuguese sweets, known as “Pastel de Nata”. This delicacy with its crunchy pastry and creamy filling has been spreading joy in Portugal for over 300 years. Everyone in the world has the right to become addicted to one of the 7 wonders of Portuguese gastronomy.

With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the pastel de Nata that you deserve. Whilst enjoying this wonderful tart, you will for one moment feel the sun of Lisbon.

Prices and packages:

  • Each one – €2,50
  • Minimum 6 per order in Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam delivered on the same day
  • Minimum 8 per order for outside Amsterdam
  • Outside Amsterdam (NL) delivered in 2 or 3 business days


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Come find them at a coffee shop in Amsterdam! Prefer to try directly with us- then leave a message in our contact form or send a direct email to info@misternata.com.

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